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PAKT² ® Workshops

Project Acceleration with Know-how Transfer and Teamwork   PACT

in cooperation with the owner of the registered trademark PAKT²

History of PAKT² Workshops


- More than 10 years positive experience all over the world

- More than 2000 workshops conducted worldwide

- Proven increase of project profit

- For large projects in plant engineering and construction

- For development projects in automotive industry

- For IT and organisation projects

Characteristics of PAKT² Workshops


- Project start with the support of a trained moderator

- The team gets to know each other and builds trust

- The moderator can voice his observations openly

- Work results can be used instantly

- Critical issues become visible early

- Risks and failure cost are reduced

- Opportunities are actively discovered and followed up

- Duration 2-4 days with enhancement of team

Typical Modules of PAKT² Workshops


The agenda is adjusted to the particular project needs in coordination with the project manager. Relevant possible modules are e.g.:

Team development, project status, project structure, contract reading, project definition, project targets, stakeholder management, opportunities & risks, lessons learned, experiences from other projects, project organisation, process overview, milestone definition, project planing, change and claim management

Extension Possibilities


PAKT² Workshops can (ideally after a company internal workshop) be also executed together with partners (consortium partner, important suppliers and subcontractors, other relevant parties involved) and/or with the client. Thus the common understanding is increasing early and considerably. This helps to implement projects successfully.


For long lasting projects it is recommended to repeat such a workshop every 6-12 months for an update to integrate new team members and work together on new overall project issues.

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