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Projec Acceleration with Know-how Transfer and Teamwork / Trainer Qualification   PACT

in cooperation with the owner of the trade mark PAKT²

If after the first experience with the PAKT² method you find it useful and want to continue using it in the future we also qualify company internal moderators for you. This saves you cost and in addition improves the exchange of knowledge within your company across organisational units and locations.

The qualification of professional moderators consists of up to 5 modules:


• The „basis training“ (4 days) is the first module with all relevant elements for a successfulkl workshop; after the basis training the moderators can immediately perform their first own easy workshops.
• The second module „team development“ (3 days) is about the development of teams and how to support that process.
• The module „intercultural / virtual teams“ (3 days) deals with the cooperation within teams of different cultural background and across large distances
• In „difficult situations“ (3 days) participants learn to deal with disturbances in workshops caused by individuals or by group dynamic processes.
• „Conflict management“ (3 days) shows ways how the moderators can support project teams in situations of conflicts.

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