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Stakeholder Management Workshops

Stakeholder (interested parties) play a vital role in almost any project. Many projects do not reach their targets within the defined framework as the interests of  stakeholders have not or not sufficiently been taken into account.


For medium and large projects with many involved and affected parties is the early execution of a special workshop in this regard essential for the project success.

Together within the project team internal and external stakeholders are being identified, their influence assessed and measures for their support defined. An easy system for monitoring is determined. In long lasting projects the surrounding conditions may change a lot. Therefore in such cases the repetition of such a workshop is recommended.


We have experience in the conduction of such workshops and help you to design them systematically and with tangible results. Sensible is a duration of 1/2 - 1 day for medium respectively large projects.


Thomas Röllecke is member of the professional group stakeholder management at the GPM (German Society for Project Management) since 2008.




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