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Lessons Learned

Normally written "Lessons Learned" in American English and "Lessons Learnt" in British English.

Lessons Learned are being talked about in many companies. However, often

  • lessons learned are not prepared in a way that they are comprehensible and accessible for other employees
  • workshops for lessons learned are conducted far too late and participants do not (want to) remember what the cause respective situations was or the relevant people cannot be contacted anymore at all
  • negative events are not addressed due to fear of personal consequences; but especially those lessons are often the most important ones
  • there is no positive attitude towards learning out of failures in the company which is of utmost relevance

An independent moderation of a workshop by an experienced moderator facilitates the identification of weaknesses and failures. It creates a platform for employees to come forward with their positive and negative experiences made and word them properly for others with external support.

Usual duration of Lessons Learned Workshops

1-2 days consisting of


  • analysis of the initial situation
  • counsel with respect to an open failure culture
  • mutual agreement of the workshop goals
  • preparation and execution of the workshop in your company or at another location
  • targeted moderation to elaborate hidden (and therefore often quite important) lessons
  • documentation and postprocessing of the results
  • advice on easy storage and access of the lessons for other employees




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