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Execution of project related workshops worlwide at the start, during implementation and at the end of projects.

Stimulation of the exchange of experience and knowledge within and across the projects of your company.

The Workshops

All workshops are inhouse workshops on the clients premises or another selected event location.

  • Project start workshops based on a well proven method, to be individually combined out of different modules and moderated
  • Project interim workshops: Evaluation of the situation, exchange of experience/knowledge and common realignment
  • Stakeholder Management workshops for YOUR project
  • Risk- & Opportunity workshops
  • Lessons Learned workshops during project execution or at the project end

The workshops will be individually tailored according your specific requirements, executed and a photo documentation about the results (or more upon request) is delivered. Depending on the scope of the workshop the execution days and possibly a little time for preparation and postprocessing will be charged. Travelling times within Europe are not charged unless very time extensive travel is necessary.



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