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Remote Contract Management

This service adresses especially small and medium enterprises (SME) and their subsidiaries which are active in project business in their home countries and abroad but do not have their own sufficient legal and contractual expertise or capacity in contract design, contract implementation or claim management. Together with the law firm Alexander & Partner in Berlin we offer to you a "Remote Contract Management" for your projects.


After a personal and individual pre-clarification we take care in close cooperation with yourselves for the contract and claim management during project implementation and your contractual implemenation problems. In case of interest such service can be provided even more efficient and faster via a modern collaboration and documentation platform.




Cosnsulting and support for

  • contract design and contract negitiation
  • contract implementation adn important correspondence
  • in critical project situations
  • the inforcement and defence of claims

In addition we are of course available for personal meetings for clarifications in critical and special issues.

All our services are offered in English and German language as well as as for English and German language based contracts.



  • Professional support by lawyers and experts experienced in project business
  • Swift execution by fast and systematic communication
  • Observance of important contractual deadlines
  • Cost efficient processing, under certain circumstances also on the basis of flat rates


Possibilities in case of processing via a modern collaboration platform

  • Mutual online work on contract documents and correspondence
  • Immediate tracking, identification and version control of documents
  • Immediate information about events, changes and news in the project
  • Online integration of all parties concerned at each location via PC or mobile devices
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