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Knowledge Management


Identification, acquisition, distribution, usage, conservation and extension of company specific knowledge.

Reasonable cost, proven use cases, fast visible result, continuous control by the client.

  • Preparation of a knowledge balance and a gap analysis for the identification of existing and missing knowledge along priorities
  • Independent advice on the software selection and implementation of a system with (upon request) associated change management
  • Execution of Lessons Learned workshops
  • Conservation of the knowledge of leaving employees
  • Stepwise set up of a knowledge management system with profiles, lessons learned, company (project) wiki, documents, reference books etc.
  • Manufacturer independent advice on the selection of collaboration software and introduction of a system with related chnage management (upon request)
  • Immediate involvement of your employees and swift transfer of the system supervision to them
  • Integration of existing company systems into an overall search function where possible
  • Platform instead of e-mail for a reduction of the e-mail flood
  • Consulting on the set up of an early warning system in project business
  • Interesting business models in the project, R&D, maintenance, law and tax office and other areas
  • Consultation regarding your special situation and further details on request



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