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Survey: Problems in Project Management

When having a look into project literature most of the times quite similar "10 biggest problems in PM" are listed. But is that really so? We have our doubts about the actuality of such statements and ask you for your experience and answers on 10 questions. 2 of the questions refer to the same subjects, however, first we ask for your view on the most frequent problems and then on the most risky problems.

The survey has been finalised by now. A download of the overall results is available here. A more detailed analysis has been sent to the participants. By the end of May further comments and interpretations will be available and made available for a fee of € 15,- in German language. A translation into English can be provided for a special fee. Please contact us if you are interested.

Results of the Survey "Probelms in Project Management"
20170214 PM Survey Results short open.xl[...]
Microsoft Excel-Dokument [44.3 KB]

Many thanks for your support and success in your projects!



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